Customer Testimonials

South Tacoma Glass

  • Gail Hemley, Co-Owner
    Tacoma, WA
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S.

"We're really happy with Elmo32. It is very user friendly. The simplicity of use is very nice and is what everyone likes about Elmo32. The biggest plus is the phone is worth everything."

Deb's Auto Glass

  • Russ Oden, Owner
    Grant's Pass, OR
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S. and EDI

"Elmo32 is fantastic! The staff is super and I can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Technical Support. IBS actually wrote a special program to help me save time. I am really happy with my decision to use IBS Software and Elmo32."

Interstate Glass & Door

  • Rennie Deboer, Owner
    Mitchell, SD
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S., EDI and Accounting

"The Elmo32 software is very user friendly. IBS Technical Support has been very helpful to our business."

Absolute Service, Inc

  • Staff
    Diamond Springs, CA
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S., EDI, Accounting, Inventory, and Schedule

"It has been a pleasure doing business with your company Your staff is very informative fast and friendly. We have dealt with other software companies and by far your's has been the best."

Taylor Glass

  • Guy Taylor
    Springfield, IL
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S., EDI, Accounting and Schedule

"Everyone has been very helpful with getting our software installed. Judy Todd was wonderful to work with. Very professional organization!"

T G Auto Glass

  • Frank Novelli, Co-Owner
    Chicago, IL
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S.

"24 hours a day I can call an 800 number and reach Technical Support. We have been with them for over five years and they are one of the best investments made for our business."

Dallas Glass Co

  • Bruce Arnold, Owner
    Selma, AL
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S. and EDI

"The Elmo32 program is fantastic. Information is easy to retrieve, there are over 80 reports that come pre-installed with Elmo32, and their Technical Support has always been there to assist my business."

Quick Set Auto Glass

  • Lottie Short, Ofc. Mgr.
    Denver, CO
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S., EDI, Accounting and Inventory

"We have had the Elmo32 program for over two years and have always received patient, supportive assistance from Technical Support. We appreciate all the expert help."

Auto Glass Solutions

  • Eric Justice
    Louisville, KY
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S., EDI, and Accounting

"I would like to thank IBS Software for the help they have offered me. I was deployed to Iraq in January of 2008 with the Army, when I came back in February 2009 I found out that my company Diamond Glass had been bought by Belron. I went in to obtain my job and was told that there was no job there for me. So decided to open my own shop in March 2009. I quickly found out it is almost impossible to run a shop without auto glass software, But I was in a dilemma I really didnít have the money to spend on it. Thatís when IBS step forward to help me out. I had been in contact with Mrs. Todd about their software and the cost of it to start. After IBS seen my story in GlassBytes they contacted me to let me know they were going to wave there feeís for a whole year to help me get started. Wow what a hand that is going to be to get me through that 1st year in my new business. Mrs. Todd also has sons who are currently deployed and about to be deployed so she understood the hardship I had just gone through and went out of her way to help me. Once again THANK YOU IBS Software and Mrs. Todd for your wonderful customer service. "

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  • My Company, Owner
    My City, USA
  • Software Products
  • Elmo P.O.S., EDI, Accounting, Inventory, Schedule, Credit Card

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